Welcome to Esquire Kennels – a World Class Caucasian Shepherd Dog specialist kennel established 1990 USA!

Esquire Caucasians is the Breed Founder for the Caucasian Shepherd Dog (Kavkazskaya Ovcharka/Caucasian Mountain Dog) in the United States with 30 years of responsible breed promotion and preservation of the FCI #328 Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

We breed Health Tested and Temperament Tested Ovcharka: Alert, intelligent,  family protectors who are  loving and heart-warming companions. Esquire dogs work as they were always intended to work: providing security for their homes while fitting into a family environment with training and dedicated ownership.

Our foundation dogs are FCI registered. Famous Russian import bloodlines. We adhere to the Russian Kennel Federation Breed Standard of Excellence and specialize in the mountain “Bear View” type appearance.

Our accomplishments include: the FIRST USA bred champions of the breed, the #1 USA Caucasian in USA show history, FIRST USA “Excellent” ratings by FCI Judges (undefeated under FCI working breed judges), the FIRST USA temperament certified Caucasians (multi-systems), the only Protection Certified Russian imports to the U.S., establishment of The 1st US  Breed Club (COCA) and Code of Ethics, FIRST USA established health screening recommendations, FIRST USA breed rescue, and many community service projects.  Working with US kennel Asgard Caucasians, our 4x Best in AKC Open Show winner ASGARD’S PESNYA ESQUIRE CM TT was awarded the FIRST AKC FSS CERTIFICATE OF MERIT FOR THE BREED.

We are proud members of the AKC Recognition seeking CAUCASIAN SHEPHERD DOG CLUB OF AMERICA, INC.

We are breed fanciers, advocates, and guardians. Puppies available occasionally by reservation. Please follow the menu links on this page for Available Puppies along with Links to our Informational Main Esquire Site, Esquire Facebook, Esquire Instagram and Esquire YouTube.  Do visit your breeder in person. Our puppy shoppers are welcome to visit the dogs of Esquire Caucasians at many events throughout the year!

Esquire Caucasians, USA Breed Founders. America’s leader in the breed!